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Workshop Cloudformation Templates

If you prefer to run the labs in your own AWS account, launch the relevant CloudFormation stack below using the “Deploy to AWS” links below. This will automatically take you to the console to run the template. In order to complete these labs, you’ll need a valid, usable AWS Account. Use a personal account or create a new AWS account to ensure you have the necessary access and that you do not accidentally modify corporate resources. Do not use an AWS account from the company you work for. We strongly recommend that you use a non-production AWS account for this workshop such as a training, sandbox or personal account. If multiple participants are sharing a single account you should use unique names for the stack set and resources created in the console.

Instructions on how to deploy the templates below are in the respective labs.

Lab Template Region
Lab 1 - Eliminate bastion hosts with AWS Systems Manager Session Manager AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)
Lab 2 - Security through Good Governance (1 - Systems Manager) AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)
Lab 2 - Security through Good Governance (2 - Config) AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)
Lab 3 - Protecting Workloads from the Instance to the Edge AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)
Lab 4 - AWS Secrets Manager with Amazon RDS and AWS Fargate AP Southeast 2 (Sydney)

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